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A former film studio publicist with Paramount Pictures, DENISE FLECK founded Sunny-dog Ink in 1999 to Help People Help their Pets. Her specialty is teaching a 5-hour PET FIRST-AID & CPCR CLASS (not a typo, protocol changed to Cardio Pulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation) that she has developed after training with 8 different national organizations. She emphasizes proper hands-on skills practice in her classes and has penned the text book for the class, but is also happy to share skills in HOW TO BE A BETTER PET PARENT, PET DISASTER PREPAREDNESS and CARING FOR SENIOR PETS. Denise also gained experience as a long-time rescue volunteer and animal response team member. She assisted Homeland Security with their K9 Border Patrol First-Aid Program and has developed her own line of Pet First-Aid Kits. "Once you have the knowledge," she explains, "you must have the tools for the job. Precious time is often wasted when we race around looking for bandages and other needed items."

Fleck is currently the Career Technical Education Animal Care Instructor for the Burbank Unified School District. Her curriculum for students 16+ integrates hands-on training with academics to help them develop workplace and career management skills.

"Animal Care is a place where you meet new friends and work around animals. You think about your lifestyle and learn to choose the right pet for YOU so that the animal will remain a fur-ever member of your family. Students also explore career options and learn the vast opportunities in the animal care world," Fleck explains. "There is nothing like looking into the eyes of an animal to make your troubles melt away. Although I teach proper vaccination protocol, I'd like my passion for animals to spread like an infectious disease called 'compassion' that humans can contract and exhibit towards our four-legged friends!," she giggles.

This she has done with the release of her first illustrated children's storybook, "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" (available on Amazon®, Barnes and Noble and other outlets) which teaches children, and reminds adults, to treat everyone as equals. The book embraces what adoption is all about…making sure pets become and remain part of the family and was awarded the Maxwell Medallion in February 2014 by the Dog Writers Association of America for Children's Book of the Year! The first sequel, "Start Off on the Right Paw," is also available on Amazon with a second sequel slated for late 2016. 

"My pets have brought pure joy to my life beginning with the Great Dane who raised me," Fleck laughs, "to the Akitas who now share my heart and my home. If we all lived in the moment like our dogs do, taking time to cherish our family and friends (two-legged, four, feathered, finned or scaled) the world would be a better place."

In 2013 & 2014, Fleck was twice-honored as a finalist...Women in the Pet Industry's Solopreneur of the Year. She was also the 2011 recipient of the Burbank Police Department’s Volunteer of the Year Award for her work at the Burbank Animal Shelter and has received both the Award of Excellence from the Cat Writers Association as well as two Maxwell Medallions from the Dog Writers Association for her writing. Fleck's expertise however, is in Pet Safety, First Aid & CPR, and Denise has shared these skills on CBS-TV’s The Doctors, Animal Planet’s Groomer Has It and Pit Boss, A&E’s Kirstie Alley’s Big Life and more than 50 appearances on KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles.

Denise is the author of Quickfind Books’ Pet Care Series (www.quickfindbooks.com) and penned the Pet First-Aid section for Animal Behavioral College's text books for groomers, dog trainers and veterinary technicians. Her second children's book, "Pet First Aid 4 Kids," a joint project with Rescue Critters®, was released March 2014 and Fleck hopes it will help kids help their best friends and share their knowledge with the adults in their lives. Over the past decade, you could find stories written by Fleck in publications including Dog Fancy, Cat Fancy, Dogs USA, Raw Instincts, Dog Sport, Dog Days in LA, Natural Dog and The Pet Press.

Denise became interested in learning animal life-saving skills when her own Yellow Labrador (affectionately know as “The Sunny-dog”) ruptured discs in her spine and became immobile. This story has a happy ending however, with Sunny bouncing back from surgery and other difficulties to remain the happy and loyal refrigerator-opening companion of Denise and her husband. “Sunny’s misfortune compelled me to learn whatever I could should I again face a difficult situation with a dog or other animal,” explains Ms. Fleck. “Through volunteering at rescues and disaster training, I’ve encountered situations that continue to test, and hopefully improve, my skills."

Prior to "going to the dogs," during her 10 years at Paramount Pictures, Ms. Fleck worked on publicity campaigns, coordinated press junkets and supervised film premieres for some of the most successful projects in motion picture history, including GHOST, THE UNTOUCHABLES, the INDIANA JONES, NAKED GUN and BEVERLY HILLS COP sequels, CLUELESS and THE GODFATHER III. She led Paramount to win its first ever Maxwell Weinberg Showmanship Award for 1994’s “Outstanding Publicity Campaign” for FORREST GUMP and has handled press for Tom Hanks, Sally Field, Denzel Washington, Chris Farley, David Spade, Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Kevin Costner, Richard Gere, Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Alicia Silverstone, Paul Hogan, Jack Nicholson and Lassie among others. Prior to being a studio publicist, Denise worked in programming for WOFL-TV35 in Orlando, Florida and then at The American Center of Films for Children in Los Angeles. She attended the University of Southern California's Film School and graduated Summa Cum Laude in Communications from Seminole Community College.

Denise is an advocate of adopting senior pets and teaches workshops on how to make their later years more golden. She resides near Los Angeles, California with her husband Paul and their canine family…two rescued Japanese Akitas, Haiku & Bonsai.

Television Shows/Appearances:

MANY CAN BE SEEN ON HOME PAGE OF THIS SITE OR www.youtube.com/thesunnydog

K9 CORNER, Pet Disaster Preparedness, December 2015
KTLA Channel 5 Los Angeles - Liberte & Justice for Pets, March 2014
msn.com, Sept 2013
Pet World Insider, Multiple Segments 2013

Yahoo! Animal Nation, 2012
CBS-TV's The Doctors, July 2011
Kirstie Alley's Big Life, A&E, April 2010
Pit Boss, Doggie CPR Segment, ANIMAL PLANET, March 2010
KTLA 9AM News 50+ Pet Tips Segments
with Anchors Jessica Holmes/Michaela Pereira/Mark Kriski/Chris Schauble

8/2009 - 4/13/2012
KTLA Morning News with Gayle Anderson (4 segments), KTLA-TV5 10/28/09
KTLA Morning News with Mark Kriski, CPR Segment, KTLA-TV5 4/17/09
Groomer Has It - Meowza!, ANIMAL PLANET, 5/10/08
KTLA Morning News with Gayle Anderson, KTLA-TV5, 12/21/07 and 10/28/09
CNN Headline News, Time Warner Television, 11/28/07
Lassie's Pet Vet - Episode #112, PBS-TV, 9/30/07
Santa Monica Update 6/07

Radio Shows/Interviews:
Pet World Insider, multiple episodes 2012-2013

My Buddy Butch Radio Talk Show with Jeff Marginean, multiple episodes 2009-2013
About Rattlesnakes and Akitas
KIIS-FM with Lisa Fox 4/12/09
Doggie Chronicles Radio www.doggiechronicles.com
Inland Outlook KSPA-AM 1510 with Joe Lyons 2/1/09
My Buddy Butch Radio Talk Show with Jeff Marginean 10/31/08 (#13) and 12/11/08 (#19)
Animal Rescue Radio: Where to go, What to do, How to Help with Barbara Niven (Big Media USA)
The Dog Dish with Jill Kessler 12/05
Animal Radio with Hal & Judy 4/7/07
Animal Corner with Nancy Mace (Clear Channel)


Pet Safety Bible (coming 2016)

Canine Valentine (February 2016)

Pet Disaster Preparedness pocket guide (Spring 2016)

The Autumn & Winter of Your Pet: Making Those Senior Years Golden (Winter 2015)

Start Off on the Right Paw: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover II

Rescue Critters' Pet First Aid for Kids

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover (Dog Ear Publishing) -- Awarded Dog Writers Children's Book of the Year

Animal Care Series by Quickfind Books

Dog First Aid & CPR (also an e-book version)

Cat First Aid & CPR (e-book coming in 2016)

How to Take Care of Your Dog or Puppy

How to Take Care of Your Cat of Kitten


Magazine Writing Credits


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Learning the ROPs: Animal Shelter & School District Join Paws to Help the Animals

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"Paws Up for Pet Safety" Column beginning 7/09 - 3/12
"K9 Friendly Burbank" beginning 8/10/09

Groups Denise has Instructed include (California locations unless otherwise designated):
At the Other End of the Leash (Riverside)
Bark Avenue (Downtown Los Angeles)
Bark Williams (Santa Monica)
Bone Adventure (Costa Mesa)
Bow Wow Bungalow (Burbank)
Burbank Animal Shelter (Burbank)
Camp Bow Wow (Anaheim)
Camp Bow Wow (Agoura Hills)
California Cat Center (Van Nuys)
Doggie Central (Culver City)
Girls Scouts of America (Charlotte Hall, MD)
Glendale Humane Society (Glendale)
Guide Dogs of America (Irvine & Sylmar)
Healthy Spot (Santa Monica)
Hollywood Hounds (West Los Angeles)
Humane Society (Ventura County)
Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley
K9s Only (Tarzana)
K9U (Silverlake)
Kelly’s Dog Training (North Hollywood)
LA DogWorks (Hollywood)
L.A. Harbor/Mission Colleges (Sylmar/Wilmington)
Loved Dog, Tamar Geller’s (West Los Angeles)
Natalie's Rascals (Wildomar)
Orange County Chihuahua Meet-up (Irvine)
Orange County SPCA (Huntington Beach)
Paradise Ranch (La Tuna Canyon)
Pet Sitters International World Education Conference (Indianapolis, IN and Myrtle Beach, SC)
Petco (Burbank, Encino, Glendale, Redondo Beach & Valencia)
Pet Orphans (Van Nuys)
Santa Monica Pet Project (Santa Monica)
Seal Beach Animal Care Center (Seal Beach)
Sirius K9 Training Academy (Yorba Linda)
SPCA-LA (Long Beach)
SPCA Florida (Lakeland)
Southern California Animal Response Team (Huntington Beach)
Surf Dog Market (Redondo Beach)
United Animal Nations (National organization)
Urban Dog West (Los Angeles)
Veterinary Medical & Surgical Group (Ventura)
Wag My Tail Grooming School (Tujunga)
Wagville (Los Angeles)
Wiener Wonderland (Lake Balboa)

Certificates Earned by Denise Fleck:

Wildnerness Survival (2015)

Evenomations & Anti-Venoms: Snakes, Scorpions, Spiders & Companion Animals (2015)

Basic Horse Care for Pet Sitting (2014)

California State Career Tech Teaching Credential (2013)

Pet First-Aid & CPR, The Safe Dog, Melanie Monteiro (6/12)

Pet First-Aid & CPR, e-training for Dogs, Inc./Treetops (6/12)

Animal Abuse, Dr. Randall Lockwood (4/12)

Heat Injury in Working Dogs, Veterinary Tactical Group (3/12)

Canine First Aid: 8 Essential Trips Trainers Need to Know (2/12)
Animal Disaster Preparedness, Noah's Wish (10/11)
Pet First-Aid & CPR, Noah's Wish (10/11)
Feral Cat Caretaking, Found Animals/Feral Cat Caretakers' Coalition (511)
Animal Disease Response, Western University (4/11)
Helping Fearful Dogs, Nicole Wilde (3/10)
Pet Dental Hygiene (10/1/08)
Animal Emergency Services & Sheltering, American Humane Association (7/17-18/08)
First-Aid for Animals in Disasters, Humane Society of the United States (6/5/08)
Basic Horse Handling & Trailer Loading, Equestrian Services ETI 357 (5/10/08)
Dog First-Aid, American Red Cross (3/30/08)
Pet First-Aid, American Health & Safety (5/20/07)
ICS 700, FEMA (4/12/07)
Pet First-Aid, Learning Corporation (4/4/07)
Intermediate Search & Rescue, Surf City Animal Response Team (3/10/07)
CERT, Community Emergency Response Training/LAFD (3/07)
ICS 200, FEMA (2/28/07)
ICS 100, FEMA (10/17/06)
Emergency Animal Sheltering, Humane Society of the United States (7/15-16/06)
Beginning Search & Rescue, Surf City Animal Response Team (6/10/06)
Pet First-Aid, American Red Cross (4/16/05)
Pet First-Aid & CPR, Pet Tech, Inc. (11/7/98)
Animal Sciences Diploma, ICS (4/16/98)

Seminars/Classes/Lectures Attended:
Homeopathy, Dr. Robert Woods (3/14)

Who Will Care for Your Pet If You Can't?, Debra Hamilton (3/14)

Dog and Human Co-Evolution, UCLA Center for Society & Genetics (2/11)
Safer Pet Vaccination & Health Care, Drs. Jean Dodds & Ronald D. Schultz (3/10)
K9 Safety, Caroline Haldeman, Sirius K9 Training Academy (6/09)
Test Considerations for Shelter Pets, Sandra Newbury, DVM (10/08)
Sit, Stay Adopt: Customer Service Training for Shelters & Rescues, Karel Minoor & Doman March (10/08)
Basic Health Considerations for Shelter Animal Transfer & Transport, Sandra Newbury, DVM (9/08)
Happy Hounds Dog Food Class, Annie Siegmann (9/08)
How Dogs Learn, Janine Pierce, J9sK9s (9/08)
Massaging Your Animal, Pam Holt, RVT, BuddhaDog Animal Massage (9/08)
Pet Nutrition, Audra Sykes MacCorkle, DVM (2/08)
Maureen Hall, Animal Coach (12/07)
Cesar Millan (9/07)
Ray Coppinger, PhD; Intelligence of Dogs and Canine Cognition: Ethological Lessons on the Emotions & Neurophysiology of Dogs (7/14/07)
Ray Coppinger, PhD; Evolutionary Development and the Natural Development of Dogs (7/15/07)
Karen Halligan, DVM; Keeping Your Pets Healthy (4/07)
Trish King; Different Faces of Aggression (4/21/07) Terri Steuben; Animal Communication (1/07)
Dogs; Discovery Science Center (2/06)
Animal Rights Conference (7/05)
Wolf to Dog Symposium, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (1/03)
Lydia Hiby; Animal Communication (2002)
Ian Billinghurst; Raw Food Diets (2001)